Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Walk to School Day

To celebrate International Walk-To-School Day today, CC's school put on a big bash with a huge turnout! We all parked about a quarter-mile away and processed to the school together. There were people in costumes to give high-fives and take pictures, our local fire truck was parked along the way, employees of local businesses lined the route to wave and cheer, the kids who participated all won little prizes.

We were having lots of fun with our friends until Sweet Pea noticed the giant costumed people. Clifford the Big Red Dog, a fire dog from the fire department, and a giant robot-looking thing. And Sweet Pea took her fear of mascots to a whole new level. She sprinted about 50 feet away and hid behind some trees until it was time to go. It sounds ridiculous, but the poor thing was shaking and crying, so we kissed CC good bye and headed to preschool.

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