Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Outings

Earlier this week we had two fun outings: with Julie and Miss Alice!

First was our annual Christmas trip with Alice, where she treats the kids to books at the bookstore, and then we treat her to lunch. It's such a nice tradition! Little Man picked a Star Wars storybook; Sweet Pea picked a My Little Pony book; and CC picked Anne of Green Gables. Unfortunately, this year it poured rain the entire time. The girls thought it was hilarious to crowd under Alice's raincoat, and walked like that, giggling the whole time, from the bookstore to the restaurant.

The next day was the kids' Christmas shopping trip with Miss Julie. She and her daughter, the much-loved Emily, take the kids shopping for each other and for me and MJ. Afterwards they eat lunch together. The kids have a great time not only picking out top-secret presents, but spending time with Julie and Emily. Unfortunately, CC was really under the weather, so she wasn't able to participate this time. Poor CC, and poor Mommy! Viruses have hit our kids hard this winter. 

Here it is, Christmas Eve, and Sweet Pea is out for the count. MJ had to stay home from Mass with her; she spent most of the day sleeping on the couch. Poor thing! Fingers crossed that everyone is feeling great tomorrow ...

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