Sunday, February 11, 2018

Ballet Observation

My favorite ballet class of the year: when I leave Sweet Pea and Little Man at home, sit inside the studio, and watch CC dance while her teacher explains everything they're doing. 

This year was especially nice, because CC's room this year doesn't have a window for me to peek through, so I have literally no idea what she's been doing each week.

This is also the first time CC is in a "real" ballet class, no longer for toddlers or preschoolers. This year she's taking Ballet I, for 1st-3rd graders. So CC is one of the youngest, and definitely the smallest. 

At first I was getting frustrated that CC didn't seem to be focusing very well on the teacher's instructions. I scowling at her several times and whispering corrections to her, but I realized that CC was beginning to frown instead of smile. And I decided that it was the teacher's job to keep her on task, so I bit my lip and just smiled at her the rest of the class. It worked -- CC's frown turned upside down in no time, and she went back to sneaking smiles and laughs at me from across the room.

Then we got a sneak-peek of the recital number, which is from Sleeping Beauty (the real ballet, not the Disney movie). The girls will be holding roses, which is why their fists are clenched while they dance. CC loves the recital number -- much more than barre work -- and takes it very seriously.

Direct link to the video:

My beautiful ballerina! I just love watching her dance.

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