Thursday, June 21, 2018

Pool Time!

How do we know that summer is officially here? Because we can swim in Miss Alice's pool!

The kids surprised me by swimming like crazy! CC has been swimming without her floatie --even off the diving board -- since last summer. But Little Man and Sweet Pea have been very reluctant to swim without their floaties. I was so happily shocked when they didn't use their floaties at all except for when Sweet Pea went off the diving board! (Little Man wasn't interested in going off the diving board.)

Sweet Pea managed to swim across the width of the pool by herself, and Little Man promptly challenged himself to do the same. Within an hour he could do it too! I was really proud of how comfortable they were in the water without their floaties.

Amber lay on the warm pavement and kept a happy eye on us. 

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