Thursday, July 21, 2011


Tonight, CC threw a tantrum of epic proportions.  We haven't seen a meltdown like this in well over a month -- when she is absolutely freaking out and we have no idea why. 

It started when we put her to bed for the night.  She cried, but that's not unusual.  She was still crying when I left the nursery and shut the door, but that's not uncommon.  But a few minutes later, we could hear her crying much harder through the monitor, and that's not a good sign.

We discussed letting her cry it out, but it had already been about 10 minutes.  I'm not entirely sure she's old enough for the "cry it out" method anyway.  But regardless, crying was clearly just making her more upset.

MJ went upstairs to get her, and insisted on handling it all himself.  Several times I offered to take a turn with her, and he always said no and kept trying to calm her himself.

At one point, he was walking the hall upstairs with her, and I heard him singing the Notre Dame fight song to her.  How cute!  But it didn't work.

I'm sure the poor girl was absolutely exhausted -- she had been crying so hard that sometimes she wasn't even making any sounds, just red-faced and shaking, with her mouth open and tears streaming down her face.  So after about 45 minutes of this, I fed her, and that calmed her down enough to go to sleep. 

Never once (before tonight) had I fed her when I knew she wasn't hungry.  I had always refused to be a "human pacifier."  But she was so very, very upset, and I have to admit -- it did the trick.  But for her sake, I hope we don't ever have to do it again.  I hate seeing her like that!

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