Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Three Months

Our darling daughter is a big three-month-old now!  We are loving every minute of parenthood, even the hard ones.  And there are plenty of hard moments ... but there are even more happy moments.  CC is full of smiles and gurgles and coos, and her funny expressions can make me and MJ laugh every time.

Naturally, she has changed a lot in the last month.  The biggest milestone is that she can roll over now (from her belly to her back).  But some of the other, smaller, developments are:

- She responds to sound now!  It is very cool to have her turn towards us when we talk to her.  I never realized how much I would value the ability to react to sounds!

- Her eyesight is much better, and she watches us even when we walk quite far away.  She often smiles at us when her eyes meet ours.  It's such a great feeling when she turns her head, sees us, and smiles really big!

- She loves looking at herself in the mirror.  She gets a gigantic smile on her face and acts very animated when she sees herself.  It's hilarious!

- She has learned to suck her thumb!  This is very recent (just in the last few days) and we are thrilled!  Right now she's not very good at it, but once she improves, she will be able to soothe herself when before only her pacifier would work.

- She is going to bed at at approximately 8 pm now (for the first few months, she went to bed at 10). This means she only eats 5 meals per day now, the last being at 6 pm.

- Just the other day, for the first time, she did not have a meltdown when MJ gave her a bath.  He was quite proud of himself when he came downstairs afterwards with her, clean and dressed and happy!

- She can tolerate tummy time much longer now, holding her head high and even lifting her chest up.

- She has a massive bald spot on the back of her head, unfortunately.  But now that she's spending more time on her tummy, her hair has a fighting chance at growing back.  Eventually.

- She has learned to click her tongue, which makes her smile.  It makes her smile even more when I do it!

- She has outgrown the newborn insert in her carseat.

The irritability that I had initially attributed to a growth spurt has lasted about 5 weeks now, so it is probably just part of CC's personality.  Her good moods are really, really good!  But her bad moods are devastating.  Fortunately, she is in a good mood more often than not, and her good nighttime sleep habits have continued.  So I always feel ready for another exciting day with CC!

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