Saturday, July 9, 2011

Visiting Brien

Today MJ and I took CC up to visit MJ's Uncle Brien again.  Due to MJ's crazy work schedule (oh, the life of a young lawyer!), we hadn't been able to visit him like we'd hoped in the last few weeks.  But finally today MJ didn't have to work, and we snuck away for a few hours to see Brien.

As usual, Brien was thrilled to see MJ (he likes me, but MJ is the apple of his eye).  But Brien was also thrilled to see CC, his great-niece. 

Each time we visit, Brien manages to say a few things that really crack us up.  Today's tidbits:

- Last time we visited, Brien asked if CC liked to eat burgers and fries.  We explained that babies can only drink milk, and then we let him feed CC a bottle.  This time, I asked him if he remembered what babies eat.  He immediately answered, "Yes.  Shrimp."  LOL -- where did he get that one!?

- True to form, CC pitched a fit when we arrived at Brien's residential facility.  We picked Brien up and headed out to lunch.  CC screamed the whole way.  At one point, there was a lull in the noise and Brien said, calmly but firmly, "Okay, CC, that's enough.  Calm down."  (Of course, she kept screaming.  Oh, how I wish it was that easy!)

- At the end of our visit, Brien looked at us and said, "Thank ya'all for having CC.  It's nice to have someone else to love."  How sweet!  We told Brien we'd had CC just for him.  :)

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