Sunday, July 10, 2011

Breaking More Records

Well, this was certainly quite a week for CC.  Plenty of good things (visiting family, rolling over for the first time), but plenty of not-so-good things (melting down on the 4th of July, breaking her perfect streak at restaurants).

Unfortunately, I have to add something more to the not-so-good category:  MJ had to take CC out of Mass this morning.  Three times.  I know she was overtired, because it was her naptime and she wouldn't nap during Mass.  She just wanted to suck on her fists.  Loudly.  We tried to get her to take the pacifier (it is much quieter), but she wasn't interested.  And several times, during very quiet parts of the Mass, the whole church was filled with the sound of CC's slurps (how's that for alliteration?).  MJ and I were shaking with silent laughter.

Three cheers for MJ for taking such good care of her during Mass.  He's such a good dad!  And we're hoping this morning's performance isn't indicative of things to come.

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