Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Last night I converted CC's playmat into an exersaucer.



I have to admit, although I am normally a very research-oriented person, I did absolutely zero research before adding this item to my baby registry.  I just looked at all the exersaucers on display at Babies R Us, and chose the Evenflo Double Fun for two main reasons: the colors weren't too obnoxious, and it was two-in-one (playmat plus exersaucer).

However, despite my hasty selection, I am very pleased with it!  My friend Kelly was generous enough to give it to us as a shower gift, and I couldn't be happier. 

The playmat was in almost constant use since CC was just a few weeks old, and was easy to disassemble for cleaning, etc.  Now that it's an exersaucer, I am impressed with all the "extras" it has. 

There are built-in springs so that when CC jumps up and down, it bounces with her and supports her.  The seat inside is on wheels, so that it rotates very easily to face different directions and toys.  There are small containers around the sides where I can put finger foods when CC is ready for them.  There are height adjustments, so she can continue to use it as she gets taller.  And the entire thing rests on the padded playmat, so her feet aren't directly on the floor.

Best of all .. CC loves it!

So if anyone's looking for an exersaucer, I recommend this one!

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