Monday, August 29, 2011

Breaking News: Teeth!

Holy cow -- this weekend I discovered that CC has two teeth!

Actually, I didn't discover it.  My parents did, while we were visiting them for my mom's birthday this weekend.  I wonder how long it would have taken me to notice her new development?

For those who can't make out her tiny teeth in the above picture, here's a closeup:

This goes a long way towards explaining her recent struggles with eating and fussiness.  The poor girl was in pain!  I'm a little exasperated, because I specifically asked the pediatrician at both of her recent appointments whether CC was teething, and the answer both times was no.  In fact, last week the doctor said that it was really too early for her to be teething.  Hmph -- apparently not.

So for those of you who suspected teething from the very beginning (*cough* Bethany *cough*), you were right!  Next time maybe I should believe an experienced mom of four over my pediatrician!


B-Mama said...

Nothing like a good baby mystery... :) So glad you've gotten to the bottom of her fussiness, waking, and eating problems. Add in a little baby Tylenol and you'll be golden! ;) Take care.

JessicaDaughtrey said...

im nervous about breast feeding after my LO has teeth. any changes since those popped thru?

Morrisons said...

Yes, I think there's more pain when CC clamps down while nursing, but I'm not sure if it's just in my head, now that I know she has teeth! I'm sure it will come, especially since "chewing" makes their teething gums feel better!