Saturday, August 27, 2011

Holy Hair Loss!

There will be no picture for this post.  You're welcome.

I know it's totally normal for moms to lose hair after giving birth.  But since I never noticed my hair getting thicker during pregnancy, I thought it wouldn't apply to me.  And when we made it to the four-month mark with no crazy hair loss, I thought I was in the clear.  I was wrong.

Every morning after my shower, I look down at the drain to see a hair ball the size of a chihuahua.  And when I'm done "doing" my hair for the day, the bathroom floor around me is covered with soft, curly drifts of reddish hair.  How much longer can this go on before I'm completely bald?


B-Mama said...

You'd be surprised how much you can lose and still have enough hair to cover your head! I will admit, though, certain parts in front get VERY thin for me. Thankfully they grow back. I promise!!

JessicaDaughtrey said...

i have a tiny thin ponytail! i always cry to justin saying i hope you love me when im bald because im gonna be that way soon!

Team Copouls said...

I'm SO in your boat! When will it end? Love how you compare it to a chihuahua!