Monday, September 19, 2011

Five Months

And another month has passed! Our little princess has definitely kept us on our toes this month.  It's been 31 days of stress, sleep deprivation, frustration .... but also happy squeals, drooly smiles, and endless amounts of love and laughter.

CC weighs 14 pounds (30th percentile) and is 24 inches long (25th percentile).  And I can say this without the slightest hint of maternal bias: she is the most beautiful baby to ever appear on this earth.  Truly!

No major physical accomplishments happened this month, but there were a lot of little ones:

- CC can't sit up on her own yet, but she can get into a sitting position when she's in her bouncy seat or when I'm trying to change her diaper.

- The older she gets, the more adamant she becomes about standing up.  Now she can grip my fingers for balance and hold herself upright for several minutes at a time.  And once she even grabbed my fingers while lying down and pulled herself into a standing position!

- Within the last week, CC has started making a high-pitched, piercing squeal when she's playing.  It's not very loud (although I'm sure it will be when she gets a little older!) but it's really cute, and I love hearing her so happy.

- She really enjoys her exersaucer and her jumperoo.  Sometimes I sit back quietly and watch her play alone, entertaining herself with whatever she can see and touch.  It's amazing to see her laugh and coo while she touches different toys.  I wonder what's going on in her brain?

- CC is getting a lot better at holding things.  She has a teething ring that she really likes, and she can recognize it in front of her, grab it, and bring it to her mouth pretty smoothly.  Sometimes she can even shift her grip to the other hand.

- She's also become a big fan of grabbing at faces.  The other night I had to laugh as I looked over at MJ holding her on his lap.  CC had his nostrils in gripped tightly in one of her hands, and his lips smooshed together in the other.  When she stretched his eyelid down, however, MJ had to put an end to the game!

- Unfortunately, nursing her has not gotten any easier.  She still cries her and pushes away almost every time I try to feed her, and almost always eats better from a bottle now.  We are waiting to see if the reflux medication she's taking will improve things.

- In the meantime, since she started the medicine, her nighttime sleep habits have changed dramatically for the worse.  She had been sleeping through the night religiously until this nursing strike started two months ago, and then she began waking up once each night, like clockwork, to eat.  But in the last 3-4 days, she has been waking up three, four, or five times a night, sometimes to eat, and sometimes just to writhe in my arms and scream.  My heart aches for her, but I don't know what's causing it so I can't help her.

Therefore, another big event is happening as we speak: my parents have her until Wednesday of this week.  That's TWO NIGHTS she will be separated from me!  And although I feel as if a part of my own body is missing, I know she is in good hands and having fun.  This will allow me to get two nights of solid sleep, recover a few bits of my sanity, and know that my parents are loving some special time with CC.  (But I have to admit I was a little teary as I drove away.  Sniff.)  MJ and I will be very excited to get her back on Wednesday, not only because we miss her like crazy, but also because ...

... we are flying to visit MJ's family again!  This is a bit of unexpected luck for us, because MJ's job is sending him on a business trip for a few days to a site that's conveniently just 4 miles from his parents' house.  So CC and I will join him and hang out with his family while we're there.  We can't wait!  Hopefully CC will cooperate on the flights and have a good time with us on the trip.


Mrs. G said...

Eliza is only slightly ahead. Weighing in at 14 pounds 7 oz and being 25 inches long. Still the 25th for head.

B-Mama said...

You know, through all of your struggles over the last month, I've never stopped to wonder whether the nursing strike is merely CC's WILL showing itself early. I know you've said she definitely is showing preferences and meltdowns, etc. I had T (my most baby-willed) go on a nursing strike around 8 mos. and again at 9 and 10mos. It was so trying, but we stuck it out and I pumped as much as I could. I would eventually get him to latch and feed, but only if I was standing and bouncing him (distracting him) at the same time.

Just some food for thought. Even if she is willfull, she is sure darn cute! Enjoy your little mini vacay from one another. It will do you all so well!

JessicaDaughtrey said...

wow you can really see those teeth now!