Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gastroenterology Appointment

So CC finally had her appointment with the pediatric gastroenterologist yesterday, and it went as well as I could have hoped.  I wasn't expecting a miraculous answer to CC's nursing issues, but I was looking forward to getting a second opinion and bouncing a few ideas off him.

He was very nice, and extremely gentle with CC.  She had a meltdown towards the end of the appointment, when she had a very ... uncomfortable ... examination.  But afterwards I whipped out a bottle for her lunch and she happily went to town while the doctor and I talked.

He suspects that she might be experiencing some painful cramping in her intestines when she eats.  He agrees with the other professionals I've consulted so far that she does not appear to have reflux.  However, he has prescribed Axid, a reflux medication.  He thinks this might help her cramping, but if not, there are other tests he can run.

He doesn't think starting her on solids will help (one of my questions).  It might help her sleep through the night, but it won't help with her nursing issues.  So I think I'm back to my original plan of waiting until she's 6 months to start her on solids.

We are going to put her on Axid (drops we squeeze into her mouth every morning and night) for two weeks, then return for another appointment.  She was down to the 30th percentile in weight (from 50th last month), but the doctor isn't worried.  He said we'll keep an eye on her weight in the future, but for the moment he can tell just by looking at her that she's healthy and strong. 

So we started her on the Axid last night.  And about an hour later she threw a giant meltdown when it was bath and bed time.  She had another meltdown at 12:30 am (very unusual for her), and woke up again, starving, at 4 am.  A rough night for both of us!  This morning hasn't been much better; she refused to nap, so she is very overtired at this point and crying steadily.  I  hope this behavior is just a coincidence and isn't caused by the Axid!

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Carol said...

I am not sure who I should feel worse for-you or C.C.! Sorry it wasn't the definitive answer you were hoping for. The drop in weight might even have just been from the different scales used-I wouldn't put much stock in that. One of these days you and I won't feel exhausted all the time. Right???