Monday, October 31, 2011

New Food of the Week


CC saw me making the broccoli (steaming it, pureeing it, then putting some in one of her bowls to cool), and started fussing and stretching towards it.  Funny -- it looks markedly different than anything she's eaten before, yet she knew it was for her (probably because she recognizes her bowls!).

She loved it, by the way.  I had my doubts, but CC dug in and never looked back.  I made it a little "chunky," to start getting her used to chewing, and she had no problems whatsoever.

On a possibly related note, she did not want to drink her bottle for dinner tonight.  I attempted to feed it to her after she watched me prepare her broccoli, so it seemed that she was "holding out" for the solids.  I wonder if she's entering a new phase, where she's really starting to prefer solids to milk?

And an update from last week: CC ended up really liking avocado.  Apparently she just needed a few tries to get used to it.  One afternoon a few days ago, she ate half an avocado (plus drank a whole bottle) for lunch!

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