Thursday, October 27, 2011

One of Those Days ...

Yesterday, as I was preparing to take CC's fall pictures, Rory was getting excited waching me bring the pumpkins outside and get my photography gear set up.  She desperately wanted to come outside with us -- it was warm and sunny and dry, Rory's idea of perfection.  But if I'd let her in the yard while I was taking the pictures, CC would have stared at her the whole time instead of smiling nicely for me.  So, much to her frustration, Rory stayed indoors.

Who, me?

About 20 minutes later we were done with the pictures and came back into the house.  I heard Rory running around upstairs.  Never a good sign.  I assumed she'd gotten into MJ's office trash, as usual.  But as I walked up the stairs, I was assaulted with the strong scent of urine.  Rory had managed to get into CC's nursery trash can, despite the fact that it has a lid.  And somehow there was a wet diaper in there, instead of being in the diaper pail.  It was shredded all over the nursery, along with various other trash items: plastic bags, clothing tags, hangers, tissues. 

So I put Rory outside in the yard while I cleaned up the mess.  Afterwards, I went to let her back inside, and discovered ...

... she'd chewed the stems off all the pumpkins.

Not Rory's best day.

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