Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Heading Out

Last night, MJ and I celebrated our own, small Thanksgiving.  Tomorrow we are headed up to visit his family for the holiday, but we wanted to make sure we had some delicious leftovers here at home, too!  So we broke out the china, silver, and crystal, and after CC went to bed, we enjoyed a lovely dinner in the (gasp) dining room.  It was wonderful!

(Full disclosure: it was just turkey and stuffing.  And dinner rolls.  But still -- it was all the important stuff!  We will get tons of vegetables and pie this weekend, trust me!)

Safe travels to all of you who are on the roads (or in the air) over Thanksgiving.  Hopefully our travels will go well tomorrow and Monday; we will return home Monday afternoon.  Until then, I will be sporadically updating the blog from my in-laws'. 

Happy Thanksgiving!  And wish us luck flying tomorrow with CC!

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