Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I have so much to catch you all up on!

First of all, I apologize for not updating the blog over Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the USB download cord for my camera, so although I took lots of pictures, I wasn't able to put them on the blog.  Sorry!  We returned yesterday afternoon, and I spent CC's naptime today going through all the pictures.  So prepare yourselves for a photo bomb!  Starting with this one: the so-adorable-I-can-hardly-stand-it Thanksgiving outfit she wore:

It was so nice to see MJ's family for the holiday, and CC had a blast receiving all the attention a baby could hope for.  We didn't do much -- except for eat a lot of fantastic food and spend time with family -- which means our trip was relaxing and restful.

The flight on Thanksgiving morning went pretty smoothly; CC was awake and happy for the first half, and snoozed for the second half.  That's about as good as it gets in our world, so I was pleased. 

For Thanksgiving dinner, CC had mashed potatoes for the first time, in a high chair pulled right up to the dining room table with everyone else.  She approved.

The rest of the weekend, she spent a lot of time playing with Grandpa ...

... and Grandma, who spent lots of time on the floor with CC despite having hurt her back last week. 

(Grandma also brought out a lot of toys she'd saved from when MJ and his brother were babies, so CC had fun playing with puzzles, milk jugs, and stacking cups.)

Great-Grandma lives just down the street, so as always, we spent a lot of time with her too.  She even had a miniature rocking chair that was just the right size for CC!

MJ's cousin Shannon was visiting, who had never met CC.  Despite having little experience with babies, by the end of the weekend, Shannon was feeding CC and even bringing her on a walk in the Ergo carrier!

It was a little chilly one day when we ran some errands with Grandma, so CC wore her thick hoodie for the first time:

And she also tried bananas for the first time (in a mesh feeder that she figured out pretty quickly).  Thankfully, it appears that CC likes bananas better than apples!

Hopefully all these pictures will be adequate payback for the missing food and Photo Friday posts.  Next time I'll be sure to pack all the cables and cords when I go out of town.  (Which is actually VERY soon ... CC and I are headed to visit my friend Kris and her family on Thursday!)

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