Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Food

Green peppers!

Wow, CC gobbled these up like a champ.  I didn't think she'd like them, because I steamed them a little too long, and they didn't smell great after I pureed them.  But CC didn't mind a bit -- she would have eaten a lot more, except I only brought a little bit with us (we ate at a restaurant last night).  Tonight I'll let her have as much as she wants.

She is still congested, but seems a bit better every day.  This morning she was really hungry, so maybe her appetite is coming back. 

Also, I've decided to start introducing some fruits to CC.  So far she's only had vegetables, but once we're all done with veggies, I don't want her to have straight fruits for a month!  She might never agree to eat a vegetable again!  So I think I'll alternate them, each week giving her a new veggie and a new fruit.

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Mrs. G said...

Wait till you try out gram crackers! So messy but Eliza loved being able to feed herself them.