Monday, November 14, 2011


We were gone for the weekend, and returned yesterday afternoon.  I did not get a chance to run to the store and get CC a new vegetable to eat, so I don't have a picture and description for you.  Mea culpa!  We'll have to do it tonight instead.

Instead, here's a super cute picture of CC enjoying her jumpster this morning:

She still has a cold, but I'm hopeful it's getting better.  This morning she didn't seem all that congested, although later in the day she certainly was.  We've been diligent about using the humidifier when she sleeps, even bringing it with us this weekend,

Fortunately, her cold doesn't seem to be affecting her very much.  Her temperament is generally the same, and with the exception of one night, has still been sleeping well.  The only problem is eating -- it's difficult for her to drink from a bottle with her stuffy nose, and she hasn't had much appetite for solids either.  I'm assuming she will be ravenous when she finally gets over this bug!

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