Saturday, November 19, 2011

Seven Months

Today CC is seven months.  So in honor of this milestone, plus the Notre Dame win against Boston College today, here's a special picture of her:

Special thanks to Memere and Pepere for the adorable cheerleader's outfit, and Aunt Susan and Uncle Jon for the headband!

Major events for this month:

- CC definitely knows two words now: her name, and "Rory" (our dog).  When you say her name, she will stop what she's doing and look up.  When you say Rory's name, she will look around, trying to spot the dog.  And if we're in our bedroom, she will look towards the corner where Rory's bed is.  I'm not surprised -- she's been fascinated by Rory since very early in her life!

- She can "wave," sort of.  She does it two different ways: by crunching up her fingers repeatedly (although usually facing her, so it's backwards), or by waving her whole arm.  Either way it's really cute, and she has learned that she gets a very favorable reaction from people when she does it.  So now she waves at everyone: other shoppers at the grocery store, the bank teller, the nurse at the doctor's office, the lady at the dry cleaner's, etc.  A social butterfly, our CC!  (Video coming soon, I promise.)

- She can feed herself a bottle.  She's been able to hold her own bottle for a few months now, but it's only recently that she could hold it from start to finish.  I can lay her down in our bed in the morning, and once I give her the bottle, she will feed herself until the bottle is completely empty, with no help from me.  She doesn't completely understand the concept of tipping the bottle up to finish it, but she's learning fast.

- She is "scootching" faster and more efficiently now, but still isn't crawling yet.  I'm okay with this, actually!  Once she can crawl, I'm sure all hell will break loose around here!

The absolute best part of our day today, however, was traveling to visit CC's newest cousin, Bryson.  His dad, my brother Patrick, had never met CC, so it was an extra special day as we each met each other's babies.  Even better, my entire family was able to be there, so we enjoyed a few hours together and took a whole-family picture.  I will post some pics tomorrow!


Carol said...

Tommy told me today that he LOVES cheerleaders, especially this one! Can't wait until they can go to their first game together.

B-Mama said...

What a doll face in her cheerleading outfit!! So darn cute!! :) Glad you all had such a fun family reunion.