Sunday, November 20, 2011

Meeting Bryson

Woo hoo!  Happy day yesterday, when the three of us met Bryson, just one week old.  He is such a precious little bundle!  It was a special moment when I was able to hold him, so teeny and new.  Unfortunately, I didn't think to ask for a picture.  But I did get lots of other cute pics, like this one of my parents with Bryson:

And this one of the happy new family:

And our entire extended family (a minor miracle that we're all together!):

Patrick met CC for the first time (she showed off her waving skills):

And the man of the hour, beautiful Bryson:

We were so grateful they were willing to have us all over yesterday, especially since their new family time is limited (Patrick is returning to Afghanistan next week).  But it was truly wonderful.  Our family is so blessed!

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