Saturday, November 12, 2011

Welcome, Bryson!!

I am thrilled to report that MJ and I have a new nephew, and CC has a new cousin!

Bryson arrived yesterday, which means his birthday is 11-11-11.  And it's even more special, because he was born on Veteran's Day.  (Bryson's dad, my brother Patrick, is not only active-duty Army, but also currently deployed to Afghanistan.  He came home at the beginning of November, thankful that the baby hadn't beaten him here, and was able to see Bryson enter this world.)

We will hopefully meet baby Bryson next week, and I can't wait.  I'm also anxious to see my brother again, who deployed to Afghanistan mere weeks before CC was born.  So when I go to meet his new baby, he can also meet mine.

Congratulations, Patrick, Karen, and Bryson!  There is so much love and joy in our family for all three of you!

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