Thursday, January 26, 2012


Leave it to CC: as soon as I say something definitive about her, she proves me wrong.  I swear, it's almost like she's doing it on purpose!  This month, the day after I posted in her 9-month update that she probably wouldn't crawl, she started crawling.  MJ and I thought that her "scootching" would satisfy her until she started walking, but apparently she decided she needed to do more.

Forgive me for being that obnoxious parent, but I think she is just unbearably adorable!

She still scootches a lot, especially if she has something in her hands (it's hard to crawl if you're holding something!).  But if she's only going a short distance, and if she has free hands, she most often crawls now.  I suppose she will start crawling more and more often as her arms get stronger and she gets more coordinated!

P.S.  To see the video directly, click this link:

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sonya said...

Ha! my son did the same thing!! I said he may never crawl and then literally hours later, he did