Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Food


I cut them into little pieces and removed the pits.  CC liked them well enough; she ate as many as I gave her.  Now that she's eating such a varied diet, she gets 3-4 things to eat for each meal, so it's getting easier to tell what she really likes and what she doesn't.  One of her favorites: cheese.  That always gets eaten first.  One of her least favorites: broccoli.  It almost always ends up on the floor.  Odd, because she used to love broccoli!

I apologize for my blog absence, but we've been busy these last few days.  My sister-in-law Susan was visiting with my nephew Dane (while my brother is on a business trip).  She and I had a very productive few days, which I will update you on in a future post.  Stay tuned!

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