Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Food


Wow, these were a huge hit.  I think it helped that she could feed them to herself -- CC is starting to prefer feeding herself to getting fed with a spoon by me or MJ.  I cut the blueberries each in half, and she went to town!

Today, for lunch, she had blueberry yogurt, and that was also a big hit.  It's nice that she's starting to like a few more fruits!

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B-Mama said...

Don't worry, her sugar palate will come around!! I'm so impressed with all the foods you've tried. Hopefully you are whetting her appetite well for all the good eating there is to come... But don't be surprised if you still end up with a picky eater. MG is certainly declaring her wishes at this point (18mos) which is the earliest I've ever experienced. Oh, the joys of will! :)