Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Food


(CC and I met MJ for lunch at his office, and unfortunately picked a lunch location that did not have high chairs.  So MJ let her eat the turkey out of his hand.  CC was happy enough to sit on the table, but MJ and I had our hands full trying to eat our lunches and keep her from crawling off the table at the same time!)

This was CC's first meat, and the different texture did not throw her off at all.  She loves being able to feed herself, and she started shoveling turkey into her mouth the minute we gave it to her!  (Boar's Head All Natural Oven Roasted, in case anyone was wondering.)

The only thing she doesn't like is when a piece of turkey gets stuck to her hand.  Then she starts shaking her hand like crazy to loosen it, and eventually it will go sailing through the air.  Cleanup is a little more involved with turkey than it has been for other foods, but I'm fine with that as long as CC is happy and eating.

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