Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Breaking News: Standing!

Well, well, well ... our determined little CC finally did it!  She has been absolutely focused on trying to stand up these last few days, and yesterday morning she succeeded.

The surprising part is, all these attempts to stand up have happened on our bed!  A bed doesn't seem like a very easy place to practice your balance, but I think CC knows that the bed is soft and safe.  She's a smart cookie -- she wants to learn how to stand where she can't get hurt from falling, and only after she has mastered it will she try on the floor.

Anyway, yesterday morning after she finished her sippy cup of milk, she was playing on the bed and crawling all over me, as usual.  MJ was getting ready for work and we were all having a nice morning (the best part of the day).  This is how she's been trying to stand: she'll get into a crouch with her feet underneath her, and then lunge up into a standing position.  Naturally, she'll fall down, but continue trying over and over. 

Yesterday it finally worked.  She stood upright, balancing on her own, while I slowly counted out 8 seconds.  MJ and I were impressed.  But then she did it again, and this time I counted up to 25!  So that's it -- CC has officially stood.

(Has she done it since?  No.  This morning I had my camera ready but she did not cooperate, the little stinker!)

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