Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Foods

You're getting a two-fer today!  CC tries new foods every 2 days, so the pictures and posts build up fast.  Here are her two latest:


Typically, CC liked this (rotini) because she could pick it up and feed it to herself.  And I'm glad she did, because now that she's had pasta, a whole world of new meals opens up to us.  Italian food, for an example!  And therefore, it  makes sense that her next new food would be ...


I thought the acidity of tomatoes might throw CC off, but it didn't stop her in the least.  It didn't even slow her down.  I diced half a roma tomato to bring with us out to dinner last night, and she ate every piece. 

(Related note: she is constantly surprising me with how much food she can eat at one sitting.  Several times lately, she has eaten everything I've prepared for her -- even though I always think I'm preparing extra -- and still wants more.)

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