Thursday, February 2, 2012

Brushing Teeth

So all the baby books tell us that you're supposed to start "brushing" your baby's teeth as soon as they get any.  Well, we've been slackers, that's for sure.  CC has 7 (!!) teeth and we haven't been brushing them.  Until last night.

MJ went grocery shopping for me the other day (so sweet!) and when he unpacked everything back home, I noticed a toothbrush on the counter.  I said, "Oh, did you need a new one?" and he answered, "No, that's for CC!"  He couldn't find any baby brushes, so he just got a soft adult brush.

Last night we tried it for the first time, and CC thought it was funny!  Of course she naturally likes to put everything in her mouth, so it wasn't too much of a stretch for her.  But once MJ started moving the bristles around, she was laughing and trying to bite it.  I'd much prefer her to laugh about it than fuss!

MJ brushed her teeth again this morning, and when she saw the brush, she opened her mouth really wide!  And once again, she laughed about it, although she definitely seemed to prefer getting her lower teeth brushed more than her top teeth.

Here's to a lifetime of good dental hygiene!

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B-Mama said...

The rubbery finger toothbrushes also work well at her age. They are easier to get in the mouth and move around... We just stopped using MG's bc she was starting to bite our finger and it hurt!