Friday, February 3, 2012

CC's New Ride

When I was pregnant with CC, I bought a stroller frame, which looks like this:

Notice there's no seat.  That's because you have to put the baby's carseat into the stroller frame to make it a functional stroller.  This worked perfectly for me, because a stroller frame is lighter, less bulky, and cheaper than a full stroller.  But the downside is that when the baby outgrows the carseat, the stroller frame isn't functional anymore.

Fast forward to now.  CC has never particularly liked riding in the car in her carseat, but recently she decided that she will not tolerate it on walks, either.  She doesn't want to be laying down, and she doesn't want to be facing backwards.  Halfway around the block she starts wriggling and squirming, and then she arches her back until she's about to flip out of the seat altogether, and eventually she ends up standing up completely, looking like this:

So I started strapping her into the carseat for our walks, which she did not appreciate.  Clearly it was time for a new stroller.  Especially because in 2 weeks, we are headed to DisneyWorld for a vacation with MJ's family, and having a lightweight stroller that allows CC to face forward and see the sights would be perfect.

Enter CC's new ride:

She seems to like it about as much as CC will probably ever like a stroller.  She is sitting upright, which she prefers.  She is facing forwards, which she definitely prefers.  And it's made of a lightweight material that probably isn't as hot as her carseat was.  On the other hand, she is still restrained, which she never tolerates very well.  Still, I think it's the perfect thing for walks, errands, and our upcoming vacation.

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