Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Disney World

Oh my gosh, where to begin? 

We had a great time at Disney.  It was so much fun to get a break from "real life," to see MJ's extended family, to share CC with them, and to relax and have a blast.  CC's two cousins, Anna and Abby, were so excited to see CC and help with anything they could.

I strongly believe that the key to a happy, enjoyable Disney World vacation is to not plan full days.  We usually went back to the room mid-afternoon to let the girls relax or play in the pool.  The down time was essential for us grown-ups, too!

CC was amazing.  I know I referred to this in an earlier post, but I never would have believed she could be so flexible with her schedule.  She was put to bed several hours past her bedtime on multiple nights, and still remained (mostly) happy!  She was content during long family dinners and ate all kinds of new things, like duck:

and mussels:

(both of which she liked.)

She met some Disney characters, although she was very suspicious of them. Giant mice with huge heads getting too close to her?  Not CC's cup of tea.

Her favorite ride was the carousel, which we went on twice (she's a horse-loving girl who obviously takes after her mommy):

I also finally got a picture of CC that shows her upper teeth, which are usually hidden when she smiles.  They're starting to get big enough that they show more often now.

We managed to spend six days at Disney World and only buy one thing: this cute onesie for CC.  That's probably some kind of record. 

All in all it was a blast!  Time with family is truly the best blessing.

Our adventure didn't end in Florida, though.  When we arrived home, a whole new adventure began ... in more ways than one.  More on that in the next post!

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