Thursday, February 23, 2012

Life Lately

Yesterday I alluded to some "adventures" that we've have since returning home from Disney World.  Here are the ugly details:

On our way home from the airport, my car died.  I arranged to have it towed to the Volvo dealership, and we finally made our way home ... to discover that MJ's car wouldn't start, either.  Are you kidding me?!  What are the chances?  Am I cursed or something?

Fortunately, our friends and neighbors are simply amazing.  JD gave MJ a ride to work the next morning.  Kim gave me a ride to meet the tow truck.  Traci watched CC for me while I dealt with multiple car dealers.  Alice loaned me her car while she's out of town this week.  Larry spent quite a while getting MJ's car jumped so I could drive it to the BMW dealer.  And both dealerships were kind enough to give me rides home after I dropped off the cars, and pick me back up once they were done.

Wait, there's more!  We are finally renovating our master bathroom.  Work began in our absence last week, so we returned home to a completely demolished bathroom, dust everywhere, and no end to the noise created by tile saws, drilling, hammering, etc.  Don't get me wrong -- I'm thrilled it's getting done, and I can't wait for the finished product.  But living with construction is never fun.  For the next few weeks we are using the hall bathroom, while our master bath looks like this:

Wait, there's more!  We are fostering a new rescue dog!  We'd made arrangements to take him upon our return from Disney World, not knowing, of course, that both our cars would be in the shop.  I was at the Volvo dealership on Monday afternoon when I received a call from another rescue volunteer, saying, "Where are you?  I'm at your front door with the dog."

Needless to say, things have been a little hectic.  Jackson is the new (temporary) addition to our family.  He is big, gentle, big, handsome, and BIG.  His head comes up to my waist!  He is probably already over 100 pounds, but he is actually a little on the thin side and needs some fattening up. 

He and Rory ignore each other; he and CC adore each other; he is very attached to me already; and he does not particularly care for MJ.  Ha ha!  He grumbles every time MJ comes near him.  (MJ noted that this is the first rescue dog we've had who didn't immediately develop a crush on him.)   But most of all, Jackson dislikes the workers who are coming in and out of the house for the bathroom renovation.

Whew!  Life is never boring!

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Leisa said...

Good thing your friends and neighbors were able to pick you up. I guess it's just a mere coincidence what happened to your two cars. How are they, anyway? Have they been repaired?

Leisa Dreps