Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Food


Hallelujah!  MJ and I eat a shocking amount of red meat, so beef was the last big part of our diet that CC wasn't able to participate in.  No more!  She had bits of my burger the other night, and although the texture seemed to throw her off at first, she got over it quickly once I gave her much smaller pieces. 

The next night I ordered a steak burrito at one of our favorite tex-mex restaurant, and she helped me polish it off.  (Side note: burritos are awesome to share with a baby.  A huge variety of food groups in one product!  CC ate bits of avocado, rice, beans, steak, cheese, and tomatoes.  A nice, complete meal for her and me both!) 

Incidentally, lately CC hasn't been as big an eater as she was in the past.  She's been a pretty unhappy girl in general these last few days -- I'm not sure why -- and this includes at meals.  Cutting her food into smaller pieces has helped, but she still won't even eat all her cheese, for example, which used to be her favorite.