Saturday, November 17, 2012

Three Months

We made it! The first three months are supposed the hardest, and we are done with them. (I'm going to conveniently ignore some recent information I've read that says actually, life with twins doesn't start getting easier until six months!)

Sweet Pea and Little Man are growing fast. They are so big and so strong that it's amazing to think about how tiny and wobbly they were just a few short months ago. With CC it seemed like time passed very slowly, but it's been different this go 'round. Time definitely doesn't stay still when I'm dealing with three wee ones!

They have fallen into a pretty firm three-hour schedule. They wake at 7 am and eat, then eat again at 10 am and 1 pm and 4 pm. Their last meal of the day is 7 pm, after which they get swaddled and go to bed. They wake around 3 or 4 am to eat (usually initiated by Sweet Pea), then go back to sleep until 7 am.

Little Man:

- Underneath that fussy exterior is a sweet, happy boy. I'm sure of it. Unfortunately, our glimpses of the happy Little Man don't come as often as we'd like.

- After two weeks on Prevacid (not Nexxium after all) and probiotics, he is slightly better but still not as comfortable as I'd like him to be. At about half his feedings he still screams, writhes, stiffens, etc.  I am going to try a different probiotic because BioGaia has not improved his gassiness (or Sweet Pea's, either).

- During his followup appointment this week, we discovered that due to a mistake by either the doctor's staff or the pharmacy, Little Man has been getting double the amount of Prevacid he should have been taking. While thankfully not dangerous for him, the excess medication can cause stomach upset and -- you guessed it -- fussiness. So his dose has been adjusted and we will need another two weeks to see if it makes a difference. Yes, I am very frustrated, but what can I do other than keep moving forward?

- Little Man is a pretty strong little guy.  He "stands up," holds his head up high and steady, and is trying to reach for things.  He has rolled over twice now from his belly to his back, and is trying to roll from back to belly. 

- He is a grasper, and strongly clutches anything he can get his hands on (his shirt, his pant leg, my shirt, my hair, and -- unfortunately -- sometimes the skin on his belly and chest).

- Little Man is a solid sleeper.  He is usually the easiest to get settled at night, and he would probably sleep through unti lmorning if I let him (Sweet Pea wakes up to eat, so I wake and feed him at the same time).

- Little Man weighs 12 pounds, 2 ounces.  Still small for his age, but a whopping full pound bigger than Sweet Pea!  That's impressive, considering she was a full pound heavier than he was at their one-month appointment.

Sweet Pea:

- Sweet Pea continues to be a sweetheart. She is very social and will break into a smile at the sight of a face, even if that face isn't smiling back at her. I've caught her looking directly at Little Man with a huge smile on her face for as long as ten minutes ... while he stares off, oblivious.

- Don't let her mellow personality fool you into thinking she's a pushover, though. She has very strong opinions on some things (like mealtimes and tummy time) and won't hesitate to let you know what she thinks.

- Her neck muscles aren't as strong as I'd like them to be, probably because she hates being on her tummy. She has not rolled over yet, either.

- Sweet Pea is not a huge fan of the pacifier. She may accept it every so often, but usually when she fusses, it's because she wants some attention. If you try to give her a pacifier, she will smile too much to keep the pacifier in her mouth.

- She is desperately trying to suck her thumb instead. Her hands and fingers are always in her mouth, and I get the impression she will be very happy once she gets the hang of sucking her thumb.

- Not to be indelicate, but Sweet Pea is a champion pooper. Like, nine or ten times a day. She blows through outfits with disturbing frequency, and has a soiled sleeper and swaddle sack every single morning.

- She has a distinctive cry, raspy and hoarse.  '"Very glottal," says my speech-pathologist friend Kris.

- Sweet Pea weighs 11 pounds, 3 ounces.  A little peanut!  She looks noticeably smaller than Little Man now when they are right next to each other. 

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