Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Visiting Brien

Happy surprise -- MJ's mom is visiting us for a few days!  We were thrilled to get the news that she found an incredibly good last-minute airline fare.  When does that ever happen?!

We picked her up from the airport (in two cars -- there are way too many Morrisons now!) and immediately started the drive to visit MJ's Uncle Brien, who is his mom's brother.  Not only was it a good opportunity for her to see her brother again, but also the first chance we'd had to introduce Brien to Little Man and Sweet Pea.

It was a very nice visit.  Brien was very excited to meet his newest great-niece and his only great-nephew.  We all went out to lunch and he kept telling us how he couldn't tell them apart.  (We explained that Sweet Pea has a large birthmark on her nose, but I'm not sure Brien's eyesight is all that good.)

The boys

Brien is a sweet, gentle soul, and I've really missed seeing him as often since the twins were born.  We always take Brien out to lunch when we visit, because if you try to spend time with him at his residential home, you are constantly interrupted by the other residents who are very friendly and curious about visitors.  So in order to spend quality time with him, we really have to take him somewhere.  But my car only seats two adults after all the kids are in their carseats.  We will have to work out a solution to getting up there more often.  Two cars?  Have someone babysit CC while we go?

But Sunday was a great day.  And we have been having a blast ever since.  More details to come about the rest of Grandma's visit!

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