Monday, December 17, 2012

Four Months

Slowly but surely, we're getting there. Except I don't know where "there" is! A mythical fantasyland where I sleep all night, perhaps? Where Little Man doesn't scream, and I've figured out how to get all three kids safely out of the car once the twins can walk?

Sweet Pea and Little Man are four months old today. Time has passed both slowly and quickly. Slowly, because they're still so tiny and helpless, and I'm still not getting much sleep. Quickly, because in two short months we will start them on baby food, which seems amazing to me. It seemed like I exclusively nursed CC forever, yet we are already approaching that six-month mark.

Sweet Pea:

- She continues to be an angel most of the time. Smiley, tolerant, flexible. Such a pleasure! Strangers are always stopping me to comment on how happy she is.

- She has taken the "best sleeper" title away from Little Man.  She now regularly sleeps until 5:30 or 6 am, which is fabulous! This is largely due to the fact that she can suck her thumb now.

- In gross motor skills, she is lagging behind Little Man (and CC at this age), but not to the point that I'm worried at all.  For example, she can roll from her belly to her back, but not from her back to her belly.  She is starting to reach for things.

- On the other hand, she is ahead of Little Man in more subtle skills, like being able to suck her thumb.

- She is also very social, making and holding eye contact well, smiling like crazy, gurgling and cooing and laughing.

Little Man:

- He is super smiley when he's in a good mood, but he still has screaming fits out of nowhere, fusses frequently while eating, and generally is not as happy as Sweet Pea. Is he a baby of extremes, as CC was? Or is something still bothering him? We don't know.

- He is still taking Prevacid, but honestly I don't think it's making a difference. Still, I've heard from some mothers that their children were on it for a month before they noticed an improvement, so I won't take him off it yet. Instead, I've learned what I can do to make his meals easier. I always have white noise ready in case he's fussy. And I try to stay ahead of his appetite, feeding him before he gets too ravenous. With these methods in place, we are getting by.

- Little Man is my "jock." He is way ahead of the game in major physical milestones, already rolling both ways, holding his upper body steadily upright, and reaching for objects.

- He is less likely to break into spontaneous smiles, and he's not verbalizing as much as Sweet Pea is. But I've heard the occasional gurgle from him, so I'm not worried. I just find it funny that my boy is very physical and my girl is very social.  How stereotypical!

- When he was swaddled, he was a very good sleeper -- better than Sweet Pea. But now that he isn't swaddled anymore, he is really struggling. He wakes up screaming 3-5 times a night. I'm not quite sure how to handle this, but I'll talk to the pediatrician about it at his appointment this week.

General notes: they are both still wearing size one diapers, but they are starting to outgrow their three-month clothes.

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