Sunday, December 2, 2012

Our Little Elf

I made a reference to a new family member recently, and I'm sure you're all on the edge of your seats waiting to hear who it is!

May I introduce ... our elf!  Or, as CC says, "EFF!  EFF!"

Grandma gave the kids Elf on a Shelf this year, and for those of you not familiar with it, the elf is basically a spy for Santa. He is "magically" in a different hiding spot in the house each day, keeping an eye on the kids' behavior and reporting back to Santa. The kids can't touch him, otherwise he will lose his magic. It's our job to give him a name and be on our best behavior so he will tell Santa to put us on the "nice" list.

Obviously most of this is beyond CC's understanding. She doesn't know about Christmas, or Santa, or even what "being nice" means (although we're working on that one). We will wait at least another year before naming our elf, and for now CC is definitely allowed to hold him.  But I'm already looking forward to when all three kids race down the stairs each December morning, looking for where the elf is hiding! This will be a fun Morrison family tradition for years to come.

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