Monday, December 3, 2012

White Noise

We have learned something very important about Little Man: white noise helps him immensely when he's fussy! This revelation has been so incredibly helpful I can't put enough emphasis on it. It has completely changed things for the Morrison family.

MJ downloaded a white noise app on his iPhone. Whenever we're out, like at a restaurant, and Little Man starts fussing, MJ will turn on the app and place his iPhone right into the carseat next to Little Man. This has a 100% success rate, if you can believe it!

I downloaded a white noise app on MJ's tablet, which I use while nursing the twins. When Little Man starts to writhe and scream, I fire up the white noise and -- like magic -- he settles down!

And lastly, I (reluctantly) purchased a white noise machine for the nursery.  I was hesitant because I don't want Little Man or Sweet Pea to become dependent on it. But after struggling to get good sleep for days on end, I tried leaving MJ's tablet in there, blasting white noise, and it really seemed to help. My compromise is that I only turn it on when Little Man really seems to be having a hard time.

I am seriously contemplating breaking down and becoming the last person in America to get a smart phone (I have my eye on the Samsung Galaxy S III), and if I end up getting it, a white noise app will be one of the first things I download.

I don't know what this tells us about Little Man. Is the world such a chaotic, overstimulating place that white noise helps him relax? Or is our home too quiet (hah!) that he needs loud noise to be comfortable? Maybe white noise sounds similar to when he was inside me, so it soothes him. Whatever the reason, I am so very glad that we've found a way to make him happy.

It doesn't have quite the same effect on Sweet Pea, unfortunately. When she gets riled up, no pacifier or white noise is going to calm her down! Fortunately it doesn't happen very often!


B-Mama said...

On night #2 home from the hospital, we randomly turned on a little lullaby music for M and he instantly quieted. It was his little secret soft spot. After that anytime music was on, he was there and glued. Now at 7, his piano teacher is having a hard time keeping up with teaching his brain the music theory bc his natural ear is so tuned.

Little man is going to be auditory-sensitive, for sure, so remember this later if he doesn't like noisy crowds, loud concerts, etc. M was this way and looking back, I wish we hadn't stressed so much at how overwhelmed he was at these simple things! He is just really sensitive to auditory stimulus.

You are learning your babies! Way to go!!

Morrisons said...

B, I hadn't thought that this might mean Little Man has sensitive ears! That's something to celebrate, for sure!