Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Split Nursery

Up until this week, Little Man and Sweet Pea have shared a crib. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against this, but my two were tightly swaddled, each at one end of the crib, and couldn't move near each other, so I felt comfortable with it.

But recently, despite being swaddled, they have proven themselves to be fairly mobile, inchworming their way around the crib. I would often find them in completely different positions after a nap, occasionally even pressed up against each other. Plus, I think Sweet Pea is ready to start transitioning out of being swaddled, so it's definitely time to separate them.

I found a used crib quite inexpensively on Craig's List, because it was very dusty and had no assembly instructions. A thorough washing with Murphy's Oil Soap and 10 minutes on the internet fixed both those issues!  It looks like a more feminine version of our existing crib, so now it belongs to Sweet Pea. (And yes, this means we now have three cribs in our house -- oy.)

I had to get a little creative with furniture placement so that everything would fit, and then reposition all the picture frames and decorations, but our new improved nursery is ready.  Saturday night was Little Man and Sweet Pea's first night sleeping in separate cribs. They have had both good and bad nights since, so the jury is still out on whether they prefer sleeping alone.  Honestly, I'm not sure they can even tell a difference.

I have two projects left before I will consider the nursery complete: making the crib skirt for Sweet Pea's crib (yes, I said making), and coming up with something soft to hang above Little Man's crib. I'll post pictures later of how those last two things turn out.


Mrs. G said...

So when is CC going to graduate to a toddler bed? It wasn't that scary for Eliza and she LOVES being able to crawl into it herself and the covers. When our son comes in January, there should be no resentment of him taking the crib since it has stood empty since August.

Morrisons said...

We considered transitioning CC to a toddler bed, but knowing her temperament, we ultimately decided to hold off. Maybe in the spring, if we decide to start potty training?