Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Baby Babble

CC is talking a lot more these days, routinely putting two- and three-word phrases together.  "Baby shhh!" is a common one!  Another one is "Daddy back home?" after we've finished waving good bye to MJ out the window in the morning.

Most of her mispronunciations are close to the real thing and adorable, like "yoyo" for yellow and "bass" for bath.

But a few of them completely mystify us.  "DibbaDEE" is pizza, for example, and is her answer to what we should eat for every meal and snack.  "BuhBOSH" is pacifier, often said as she's yanking it with glee out of Little Man's mouth.  And "goggy-goh" means dirty, particularly the diapers of Sweet Pea and Little Man as she helps me change them.

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