Thursday, January 17, 2013

Five Months

This month has been busy, busy, busy. Not only because of the holidays, but also because of different challenges we've been facing with both Little Man and Sweet Pea.

First and foremost, they are (usually) happy little babies, meeting all their milestones right on time, and not giving me much cause for concern. For this I am incredible grateful -- we have been truly blessed.

Sweet Pea is such a joyful little soul. She is laughing now, and just yesterday I had an extended period of time with her when she was chuckling and gurgling at the faces I was making. I must have looked ridiculous, but I didn't want to stop because it was so neat to be connecting with her like that! I know these things will become more and more common, but at this young age it's still exciting and new.

She often throws temper tantrums when going to bed, and she is a persistent little thing when she gets going! But more often she has a smile so big that her eyes squint shut.  She loves to suck her thumb, particularly when going to sleep, and she never takes a pacifier anymore.  She will not nap in her carseat, and isn't even satisfied sitting in it when we're out of the car, like at church or a restaurant. She demands to get out and be held!

Sweet Pea is a big fan of sitting up (with help), either on our laps or in her Bebe Pod seat.  Her big milestone this month was rolling onto her tummy.  And oddly, at the ripe old age of 5 months, Sweet Pea is developing a case of cradle cap.

We have seen a specialist regarding the hemangioma between her eyes, and there will be a blog post on that topic soon.

Little Man has a smile so big, it seems like his face will split!  And he does smile often, it's true. But there is definitely something really bothering him. He is getting increasingly unhappy in general, particularly during and after his meals. He is never comfortable in one position for long, arching his back and screaming after just a few minutes. He seems to prefer standing upright or laying down on his back, and does not like being in a sitting position. Therefore he is not a fan of the Bebe Pod seats.

He loves sleeping on his tummy and always rolls over immediately when I put him down.  He is very dependent on his pacifier and on white noise to settle down. He is a great car rider, usually sleeping from the minute we start a trip until we arrive. And with the help of white noise, he usually sleeps through restaurant meals and church.

Little Man and Sweet Pea are about to transition to size 2 diapers, and they are wearing size 3-6 month and even 6-month clothes. They are still waking up at least once per night to eat, although I don't hesitate to get up and feed them anymore, since we've learned they both need to gain more weight. They are not consistently reaching for things yet, but I assume that will be next.

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