Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Welcome Baby Hayden!

We have a new niece!  I'm thrilled and excited to announce that Hayden Rose was born yesterday night at 8:02, weighing 8 pounds 5 ounces, and 34 centimeters long.  Susan and baby Hayden are both doing well, and my brother Jon (aka "The Baby Whisperer," according to Susan) is rocking her at every opportunity.

What a precious angel!  I was so honored to see her less than 24 hours after she entered this world.  Susan and Jon are relieved that Hayden finally decided to make her appearance -- a week after her due date.  She's the spitting image of her big brother Dane at this age.

The kids and I drove up today to visit (well, just me -- the hospital wasn't allowing any children to visit because of flu season) and will return home tomorrow.  Next week we will come back while MJ is away on business, and I'll take Hayden's newborn portraits.  

Special thanks to my mom for watching all three kids while my dad and I went to the hospital to snuggle with Hayden and congratulate the new parents!

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