Thursday, January 10, 2013


Sometimes, when you're a mom of three babies, you spend so much effort trying to stay sane that you don't have many brain cells left for normal functioning.

Sometimes you have a hard time being as organized as you used to be.

Sometimes, when you travel with the babies, you forget to bring a third Pack n Play.  

Which results in your son sleeping in a Rubbermaid container.


Mrs. G said...

When CC graduates to a toddler bed, get an easy fold toddler cot and use the extra room in the car for something else. Nice thing is, they cost only around 30 bucks and you don't have to inflate them! Great job at an "There I fixed it" alternative.

Carol said...

This is hysterical! Knowing you, did you label the bin too before you tucked him in? Great Picture.

B-Mama said...

lol This is so funny. I love it. Totally real, totally okay. He probably slept better than ever. Maybe switch him to plastic when you get home? ;)