Monday, January 7, 2013

Revisiting the Holidays

I never got a chance to really go over our holidays in detail on this blog, because we were too busy living them!  But now that we're back to "real life," here's a photographic rundown of our activities ...

The kids' official Christmas portrait:

A decent pic of me and MJ taken after Sweet Pea and Little Man's baptisms:

The cake that my mom made for the party (names removed, of course!):

CC's new rocking horse:

CC's toy vacuum.  Seriously, who would have known how much fun a kid could have pushing this thing around?  And why oh why didn't the manufacturers make it actually suck up crumbs?  My floors would be so clean!

Other favorite gifts: MegaBloks (CC loves dumping them out all over the floor),  her toy cell phone (it slides open just like Mommy's!), and MagnaTiles (highly recommend!). Plus the books -- she received loads of books!  All we hear all day is "Wee?  Wee agin?"

CC enjoying the animatronic bear orchestra downtown:

The kids with their cousin Bryson (naturally Sweet Pea is the only one smiling nicely for the camera!).  CC, Sweet Pea and Little Man are wearing coordinating outfits smocked by my mom.  I love them!

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B-Mama said...

Beautiful shots of the kiddos! And you look amazing, btw! Pretty awesome after 3 kids in 16 mos. Way to go, mama!! :)