Saturday, February 16, 2013

Let it Snow!

Tonight, out of nowhere, a mini blizzard resulted in wonder and awe (and whiteout conditions) for about an hour.  We received several inches of the white stuff in a relatively short period of time, so it was beautiful to watch.  And although it was past her bedtime, we bundled CC up in all her winter gear and brought her outside to play.

This is the first snow CC has ever seen (I think -- at least this year, when she's old enough to notice, play in it, and talk about it).  She yelled "No! No!" as she pointed out the window and waited for us all to be ready.

MJ helped her build what might be the world's smallest snowman, and even put one of his hats on it.  CC thought the hat was hilarious.

The pictures are a bit dark, because it was the evening, but hopefully the snow will still be there in the morning ("mowen?") and we can go out to play again.  CC went to bed after reading the book The Snowy Day (thanks, Kris!) and was chattering nonstop about the snow, snowman, and whether the snow would "come back" in the morning.

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