Sunday, February 17, 2013

Six Months

Congratulations to me and MJ for making it to the six-month mark!  We are going to party like we're honeymooners again -- more on that later.

The real focus, of course, is on Sweet Pea and Little Man, who are out of the "tiny newborn baby" stage and fully into the "baby with personality" stage!  Even a waitress at one of our favorite restaurants commented last night that they are little people now!  MJ and I frequently remind ourselves that around 6 months was when CC started being a lot more fun, more interactive, and less fussy, so hopefully the twins won't be any different.

Sweet Pea is such a dear.  I marvel at how sweet, happy, and mellow she is.  Not much seems to bother her, and she is so patient when my attention is demanded by her brother and sister.  Who knew an infant could be patient?

She is full of smiles and laughs.  It is easy to elicit them from her, but hard to capture them on camera because when I put the camera up to my eye, she can't see my face anymore so she stops smiling.

She has recently discovered her feet and will roll around on her back grabbing them with her chubby little hands.  She loves toys that she can shake, like rattles.

Sweet Pea is kind of reaching for things now, but it depends on your definition of reaching.  If you hold something in front of her, she will not reach out and take it, no matter how fascinating she finds it.  But if you put something down in front of her, eventually you will look at her and see that she's grasping it.

She is eating better now, consuming maybe a tablespoon of oatmeal every morning.  It doesn't sound like much, but it takes about 15 minutes and it's a heck of a lot better than when she started!

She fights naps hard.  But she's a pretty good nighttime sleeper now, waking occasionally to fuss for a few minutes and then go back to sleep on her own.

When she first learned to roll onto her tummy, Sweet Pea slept that way for a few days.  But then she returned to sleeping on her back, which surprised me -- CC and Little Man both prefer sleeping on their tummies.  But in the last week or so, Sweet Pea has started sleeping on her tummy too.

Her hemangioma has not improved very much at all since beginning Propranalol.  However, she just recently started taking the full dose, so hopefully we will see improvement soon.

I think she's pretty small for her age (I'll find out for sure at her appt next week), because she's significantly smaller than Little Man, and she still fits into a lot of her 3-month clothes.  But there are a few 3-month pieces that are too small, so she's wearing a fair amount of 6-month pieces too.

Little Man shares many similarities with CC at this age.  He is high-maintenance, that's for sure!  But he's also extremely smiley and happy at times, particularly with strangers and when we're out of the house.

He grabs at things very quickly when they are placed in front of him, and you can easily hand him a toy to play with.  He prefers toys he can chew on, and everything (mostly his hands) goes straight into his mouth.

Little Man generally does not like to be in a sitting position.  He prefers to "stand up" (like CC) or be laying down -- either way, stretched out and not bent in the middle.

He is very impatient, probably typical for a baby.  If both Sweet Pea and Little Man wake up at the same time, I have to feed Little Man first, because Sweet Pea will wait patiently whereas Little Man will not.  I feel bad that Sweet Pea ends up having to wait so often, but I rationalize it by saying that she probably wouldn't enjoy eating if Little Man was screaming the whole time anyway.

I'm eager to see if Little Man is still small for his age, because he appears to have grown much bigger in the last few months.  Many of his 6-month clothes are already tight on him, so I'll be getting him a few 9-month pieces soon.

Probably related to the previous point: Little Man loves to eat.  Goodness, I could probably feed him all day and he'd be happy.  He loves the solids he's had so far and greets each spoonful with a wide open mouth.  Very reminiscent of CC!  And as with CC, I find myself thinking, "It is possible to feed a baby too much?"

They are both wearing Size 2 diapers during the day and Size 3 overnight diapers at night.  They aren't sitting up on their own yet, but they are pushing up their arms fully when they are on their tummies.

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