Monday, March 11, 2013

New Foods

Yes, I know I've been absent for a while.  I didn't even (gasp!) post a picture this past Friday.  We've been busybusybusy!  (And sick ... ugh.)

But we're still truckin' away at purees of all kinds.  This week we did peas:

Sweet Pea didn't care for peas. Don't let her smile fool you.  I wasn't surprised -- she doesn't really care for any solids.  She'll eat oatmeal in the mornings with reluctance, but that's about it. We spoon it in her mouth, and she just keeps her mouth wide open until it all falls out (see above).

But peas were a BIG hit with Little Man.  He would eat three bowls of peas, no problem.  And then his virus took a turn for the worse, and he went on a solids strike.  He won't touch anything now except for oatmeal, which is quite a change from his normal behavior.  I'm assuming his appetite will be back to normal once he's feeling better.

We also did broccoli:

Little Man didn't like broccoli one bit.  He gagged and retched and refused to swallow any of it.   But the next day I mixed it with oatmeal and he ate it okay.  We'll see if he's a bigger fan of oatmeal once he's feeling better.  

And Sweet Pea did not like broccoli one bit (shocking, I know). 

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