Monday, March 18, 2013

New Foods

Fortunately, Sweet Pea and Little Man seem to have finally kicked the bug that was plaguing them, and their appetites have returned with a vengeance.  And by that, I mean Little Man's appetite has returned.  Sweet Pea never had much of one to begin with!

Last week we did bananas, their first fruit.  Little Man loved them (no surprise there; he eats like CC did).  Sweet Pea seemed to like them too, because she actually had two spoonfuls before starting to spit it all out.  So I consider bananas to be a hit.

We also tried their first finger food: Cheerios.  They both gagged and coughed a bit at first.  I can only imagine how foreign it must feel to have a hard food object in their mouths for the first time, instead of oatmeal or a puree.  Sweet Pea is still struggling, but Little Man has it figured out.  He even tries to feed himself, but has not learned how to release the Cheerios from his chubby little hands into his mouth.

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