Sunday, March 17, 2013

Seven Months

Happy seven-month birthday, Sweet Pea and Little Man!  And Happy St Patrick's Day, too!  (Hence the green in the pictures -- although green dots was the best I could come up with for Sweet Pea.)

I heard a saying the other day about parenting: the days pass slowly but the months pass quickly.  That's exactly how I feel -- sometimes it's a struggle to get through a single day, yet here we are, seven months later!  Before I know it, I'll be planning their first birthday party.  (Ugh, that's too overwhelming to even think about right now!)

We're finally done with the nasty virus that flattened all three kids for the better part of last month.  Whew -- it wasn't fun, but I'm glad we're finally coming out of the fog.

Sweet Pea continues to be a fairly mellow baby.  I told MJ the other day that she suckers you in: she is so calm and mellow most of the time, but she's just choosing her battles.  When she decides to make a fuss, it's World War III!

She's very small, and the size difference between her and Little Man seems more glaring each month.  She is still wearing some of her 3-month clothes!  But despite her size, she is holding her own with milestones.  She isn't sitting up on her own yet, but she's close, and I suspect by next month she probably will.

When she's on her tummy, she can push up all the way, lifting her chest easily off the floor. She reaches for things accurately and likes toys that make noise when she shakes them.

She loves Rory and breaks into huge smiles and laughs when she sees her.  She has learned how to click her tongue, and laughs if you do it back to her.  Speaking of her tongue, it pokes out of her mouth constantly!

Sweet Pea doesn't need a lot of sleep.  She takes two solid naps a day, but has not needed a third nap in a long time. 

She refuses most baby foods except for a bit of oatmeal in the mornings.  Who knows, maybe she'll be the kind of baby who skips straight to finger foods. But right now, she couldn't be less interested in vegetable purees.

Little Man is shaping up into a pretty cool little guy.  His fussiness while eating has all but disappeared, despite the fact that I've taken him off the Prevacid.  Once he got over his virus, he went back to loving purees of all kinds.  This explains his significant weight increase over the last two months!  

He is wearing mostly nine month clothes.  They're a little big on him, but six months are too small, so we've moved him up.  We've even ordered him a new pair of shoes, since he's about to outgrow his first pair.

If this keeps up, in a year or two people will start thinking that he and CC are twins, instead of him and Sweet Pea!  CC's very small for her age, and Little Man is catching up fast.

He needs a lot of sleep, much like CC.  He still takes a third nap in the late afternoon, otherwise he's a very unhappy camper during dinner.

Little Man enjoys standing up, and is a big fan of the Jumperoo.  He can't sit up on his own yet either, but like Sweet Pea, he's getting close.

He loves toys he can chew on, and everything he gets his little hands on goes straight into his mouth.  He still sucks the first two fingers on his right hand -- facing outwards -- to soothe himself.

Size 2 diapers are getting a bit small on him now, but Sweet Pea is too tiny to move up to Size 3.  So I think we're going to have to start stocking Size 2 for Sweet Pea, Size 3 for Little Man, and Size 4 for CC!  I have no idea where I'll find room for three big diaper boxes!

They still have brilliant blue eyes (MJ's eyes), so right now I'm pretty confident that we'll have three blue-eyed beauties.  Their hair is getting lighter, so I suspect they will be blondes like CC as well.

And I think finally -- finally! -- they are sleeping through the night.  I had a few weeks of good sleep last month before the virus hit, but that destroyed all our progress.  In the past week things have gotten progressively better, so hopefully we're back to sleeping all night again.

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