Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Table!

First thing this morning, a large truck pulled up in front of our house, causing much clamor inside.  Rory barked her head off, and CC ran around in nothing but a diaper, shrieking, "Beeg duck!"  I answered the door in my robe, wet, because I was in the middle of a shower when the doorbell rang.

Within minutes, several large men had brought these beauties inside:

I am embarrassingly excited about this.  Seriously.  We finally, finally have a "grown up" kitchen table and chairs, after using my cheapie, just-after-college set for far too long.  The gorgeous top won't need a tablecloth, which means CC won't be able to pull plates, silverware, high chair trays, and babies down.  The pieces are sturdy and the chairs don't wobble when you sit down.

One of my favorite parts is the tabletop, modeled below by our lovely CC.  It looks like it's made of planks, which I love.

And best of all, there are five chairs for the five people in our family.  We'll actually all be able to sit at this table together in the future!  Amazing!


B-Mama said...

Beautiful and something to celebrate! I would love to know from where you purchased such a gorgeous table. We are definitely in the market for a 6+ seater! :)

Morrisons said...

We got it at Ethan Allen. It can be customized, so we picked the wooden top and painted legs and chairs. It came with a leaf, too, so it can sit 8, but for a group that large we would probably just sit in our dining room instead!